Leah is a classically trained bassoonist, singer-songwriter and composer based in New York City. She draws from classical, soul, electronic and roots music genres to craft melodic folk-pop tunes, and often experiments with electronic components in performance and composition.
While picking up extra cash playing Sam Cooke in the NYC subways, Leah began crafting original music, learning to grab audiences with music that was both approachable and surprising. She released two EPs titled I'm Just the Same (2012) and Home (2015) along with several singles, picking up regional songwriting competition ins and a television sync license with TLC.
Leah performs above ground these days, and is a candidate for the MFA in Media Scoring at CUNY Brooklyn College where she is focused on fusing electronic elements with live instruments to create musical scores for film and radio projects. Her first full-length album is slated for 2018 release.