A New Video from Leah Shaw // Music

  Inspired by a wonderful weekend tour in NC, I entered a video the NPR Tiny Desk Contest, and I'd like to share it with       you!



Last year, I submitted to NPR's Tiny Desk Contest, a truly epic video filmed on top of a skyscraper in New York City in 18 degree weather. It was a blast! But after touring around North Carolina the past few days and not finding the inspiration for the exact song (or desk upon which) I wanted to submit, I returned to Brooklyn and it hit me - this is the one!

I created Know Just What To Say while sitting on the floor in a Brooklyn studio while experimenting with my RC-30 Looper, and it is the first song I've ever performed live in which I made myself put down the instruments I usually rely on and only use my voice. The song is about creating space for my own choices, ideas and voice instead of relying on the direction of others. That's a lesson that's a tough but important one to learn and one I'm still learning! 

The contest prize is a featured music concert at NPR's music HQ in Washington DC, which would be amazing. The winner isn't determined by number of views, but every view helps me seem like a deserving winner, so if you're into this, please share it. Regardless of the contest outcome, I'm very excited to pass along this new song to you. 

Thanks, as always, for listening.