Happy Blizzard from Leah

Good evening, all!
The video I submitted of original song "Up in NYC" for the NPR Tiny Desk Concert Competition is doing wonderfully; the views just keep climbing, so thank you for taking time to view and share it! You can follow the competition on NPR's blog where new featured artists are chosen every day. I hope to be one of them!
My website is now linked with my Instagram feed, which means that you can check out the daily happenings in NYC online! Click here to see those photos which include live music I've been checking out lately and photos of various musical adventures including the skyscraper-topping video shoot. 
Online:  I'll be playing a live-streamed show on Concert Window tomorrow night at 7:00 PM EST! Please visit the link above or go to www.concertwindow.com and search for my name. See you there!
New York City:  This Friday night, please come and cozy up at Upper West Side venue Postscrypt Coffee House at 8:30pm where I'll perform with Aviva Jaye. I'm bringing my bassoon. Please bring your friends. Let's hang out afterwards.
North Carolina:  Hey, Raleigh - I am coming to see you! I will play at Deep South the Bar on Friday, March 13th at 7:30pm. I am incredibly excited for this wonderful venue and my first Raleigh show, and I can't wait to share all kinds of details including a spot for pre-show tacos and the wonderful musicians with whom I'll share the evening. Please put me on your calendar, and stay tuned!
That's it! I'll see you online tomorrow night or in person after that, and I'll be sending warm, hot chocolate-filled good thoughts your way. 
Much love,