Happy Spring From Leah

April 3rd, 2015
Hey, ya'll!
Well this has been a pretty jubilant month. It became Spring, for starters. I got to play shows in New York and shows in North Carolina, my favorite states. And, I found myself collaborating with musicians who are longtime favorites on new music releases, and then there's been some incredible new friends who passed my way and it's made for a month full of musical highlights. Can I tell you about some of them? 
Aviva Jaye EP
I got to step into the studio and work with Aviva Jaye on her upcoming EP, tracking some of my very favorite songs! This is the first time I've been asked to sing on another artist's EP and I'm so excited for it's online release later this month! 
Thanks, Deep South!
My wonderful colleague Dave Rose invited me to headline a show at Deep South the Bar, and along with Aviva Jaye, Katelyn Read and Christiane Smedley, had a totally fantastic evening of music! I had a blast putting together a show with the amazingly talented Casey Toll, Mark Nippert, Daniel Faust, Daniel Seriff and Aviva Jaye; although we live in five different cities, we pulled together a cohesive, energetic show from just one rehearsal. It was very special to perform songs co-written by two guest songwriters: 'The Bridge' by James Trefz and 'The Heart Repeats' by Beth Glover! (Check out the video on my YouTube channel and enjoy!)
New Release - Countdown
On April 15th, I'll be releasing a new single! Tracked in Manhattan, mixed in Winston-Salem by the talented Daniel Seriff, it features West Coast guitarist and singer Brendan Hackett (of the Wendy Hackett Band) and it's the pop-countriest song I've written yet...and I can't wait to release it and give its premier performance here in NYC at The Delancey. Best tax day ever!!
Wednesday April 15th @ 7:30pm at The Delancey 
Come on out friends! Triple full band show, and we are all celebrating the release of new music including the Aviva Jaye EP, Wendy Hackett Band EP, and single release party for 'Countdown'! 
I'll be filming this gig live for a music video and need your face and your enthusiasm! Please come join some Leah Shaw Music History and get into the video! This will be a triple full-band show - don't miss it!
Virginia Weekend Tour
- Live at Ice House Studios, Harrisonburg VA
Friday April 17th @ 7:00pm 
- The Tin Whistle Irish Pub, Charlottesville VA
Saturday April 18th @ 4:00pm 
I can't wait to swing through Virginia. First stop is my alma mater, James Madison University, where I'll attend the School of Music's Survey of the Music Industry class to speak about my experiences as a musicain in New York and hear about the students' internships. I'll play a show at the newly rennovated Ice House Studios, now a Pilates/Yoga space in historic downtown Harrisonburg on Friday evening. On Saturday, I'll be in Charlottesville playing in an outdoor music festival on the downtown mall. Please come find me if you are Virginian, I'd love to see ya!
Keep in touch! What are you up to this Spring? That's it for me - gotta go outside now.
Much love,