"Up in New York City" Filmed High Up

Last night, I submitted an entry to the NPR Tiny Desk Concert Competition. I shot it eighteen stories above the streets of New York on top of a skyscraper. I work in construction - steel toe boots, hard hat, the works - and the video setting is the top of one of the tall skyscrapers that our company is building and the desk is assembled out of sheetrock and items from the actual construction office of the building. Special thanks to Gloria and Rabbit for their assistance and vision with the desk!

The video views keep climbing, and I'm excited to see what the other entrants submit for the competition, which is available on a Tumblr blog. I hope to make my way onto the blog. Please follow along with the competition!

The video was shot by Shane G Mahon and vocals and percussion were provided by the incredibly talented Aviva Jaye.